August 20, 2012

Sunday Evening,,,Finally in the place –

Sunday evening and were finally starting to get stuff in order, but we have bit to go before we’re back to project slinging. :-)

We finally got the keys last week, had movers move the condo stuff in on Tuesday but we have been pretty much on the run trying to get the place in order. We have a make shift living room setup surrounded by tons of stacked furniture and boxes now, and as of yesterday, got our Internet and cable up and running.

It’s going to be probably a week or two until we have things under control. The garage is stacked to “unwalkable” status everything stacked head high after movers got everything we had stored at Sheila’s from the move to the condo a couple years ago. We’ll be starting to go through things this week and hopefully start seeing a house in here somewhere.

The pool got jackhammered and re-plastered last week. They just finished it and it looks great. I jumped in it today and relaxed for a bit after we got back from Sheila’s cleaning that place up after our 3 week stay.

I’m holding off on the garage build for a couple months so the studio is going into one of the upstairs rooms. I decided to consolidate my workstations, so I purchased a 4 port dual monitor switcher unit and a giant rolling rack from KK audio to house all my video / audio hardware. Ill be able to switch over machines with the switcher, so I can work in ProTools, Video, etc. without multiple desk setups.

The previous owner’s son went to film school and they had a built in production desk put in and even a wall mount shelf for an editing monitor. What are the odds? lol… and the Bravia Monitor fits on it perfectly. No larger or smaller than the space. weird.

So I decided I would roll with that, and then I can get all the film gear in storage into the garage for the time being until we get it built.

It’s good to be in a house with space again, and I cant wait to get back to work on something fun. :-)

Hope ya all are doing well and thanks for the well wishes. All you guys are doing cool stuff, now I’m playing catch up…lol..


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  1. Glad to hear you are moved in! Been watching Korben grow on FB. Hope you and Shannie are well.

  2. Great that you’re settled in look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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