August 9, 2012

Mission: Operation Home Purchase – Closed!

Finally! ugh…

As of yesterday at around 5pm, the deed had been recorded and transfer of sale was complete. Shannie and I officially own our first home together.

It was a complete fight to the finish, of course. Even as I write this, we’re now dealing with trying to get the seller out of the property. We got word tonight that she will be out Sunday at 5pm even though she signed contracts that’s stated she would be out by Friday the 10th, but what are you gonna do?

Long story…ugh.

Anyway, these last 3 weeks have been nail biting and quite the endeavor, but I can’t wait to pick the keys up on Sunday and be standing in the place. We’ll be getting the movers out here Monday morning, and then we’ll be putting the place together.

One thing I know, being bored out of your skull is expensive. I purchased a Bogner Amp and 4 x 12 cabinet, a Carvin strat, a Carvin Slim line acoustic owned by Frank Gambale…lol. I just got an itch for wanting some new guitar gear, and went a little nuts. I can’t wait to plug in the Bogner. They are amazing amps. I’m looking forward to getting some seriously lush and enigmatic guitar tones recorded.

So thats the news. We have a new Bacon Estate, and stay tuned for Dive-in Movie nights, and other fun stuff. :-)

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  1. Congrats, I don’t miss the month of escrow I went through. I almost lost my place a couple of times due to other peoples errors. It was well worth it and I’m excited for you guys.

    In totally unrelated news (but in my typical fashion of being random) how about a script for sale on Craigslist for a Roadhouse remake starring Guy Fieri? I’m not making it up (though this guy can’t be serious).

  2. Mike and Shannie it is great to know things worked out despite the road bumps. I can’t wait to see you guys.

  3. Congrats look forward to seeing you all once things settle down.

  4. Sorry for the slow response, the last week I’ve been off the grid with no internet other that the phone which sucks for logging on the blog.

    lol CB…WTF? Hillarious…

    We’ll hang out soon Joker, we have some catching up to do. Ditto, Tim, we have some Diet Clifton waiting over here for ya. lol..

  5. I want to see that Guy Fieri movie!

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