July 22, 2012

Condo went Bye Bye…

Well today we wrapped up the condo, got everything in storage and hanging out at Sheila’s now. Shannie met with the new owner and gave her the keys after we cleaned the place up. Bye Bye Condo…

Shannie and I saw The Dark Knight Rises Friday morning. One of the many cool thing working for a video game company is the occasional movie day, so SOE purchased us tickets to see the 11am showing Friday. What a beast of a movie. lol…

It was very long, lol…and on a huge epic scale. It was really good, but kind of different thematically than the other two films. It wasn’t quite as focused, and you didn’t get as many of the kind of payoff moments that you could equate to “hooks” when pivotal things happen in the narrative, but it was really cool to see the story dynamics of the batman universe in a lot more detail than you got with the last two films. It’s pretty dark, and a little less “fun”, but definitely cool though.

A great wrap up to Nolan’s series.


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  1. Seagal movie name generator:

    It gets old quick but is pretty funny for a minute.

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