July 19, 2012

Quick Wed. Night Update –

Things are pretty close to all packed up. My Studio is down to the desk, with my XPS/single monitor!…yuck! lol..Just a skeleton rig to check e-mails and print out docs that come in for the house stuff.

We have movers coming at 8am on Sat. and then we’re over at Sheila’s till the 6th.

We’re heading down to escrow to sign final deed and transfer papers tomorrow around noon. The Condo is officially gone now. We met with the Buyer / Corky Woodcock for final walk through today, making sure the place was still here, lol….and checking off the fixes we promised which all passed with flying colors. The Buyer is extremely excited to move in and we’ll be handing her the keys to the place Sunday around noon.

Kind of crazy to see it go. It’s been Shannie’s fixture for over 12 years now, but she’s pretty excited to be rid of it, not having to rent it out and deal with all that. I would have to agree.

We were going to sign the final papers via fax, and get them back tonight, but we got an e-mail from our escrow agent that if we came in tomorrow and sign them, she had the same paperwork for our house out in Lakeside…so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with that. We have the same agent for both our buying and selling transaction, and the lady has been aggressively pushing our purchase along to bridge the gap in our current escrow vs. our buyers timeline.

I am not sure exactly what it all means, but I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. We sent back the last conditionals our underwriter requested, so maybe they’re pushing it through early. Not sure how that’s possible. Maybe I’m just missing a piece of puzzle here. Between the buying and selling deals, we’ve been slammed with docs going both ways…I have a pretzel in my head. lol..





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  1. Sounds like things are moving forward here’s to no more glitches in the road.

  2. Good luck brother. Its all good :)

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