July 15, 2012

We Finally Meet! –

I got an Email Friday morning from Michael asking if I was going to be at Comicon and mentioned his band would be playing there on Saturday evening. Since we were in the middle of the move, we were going to skip out on the con this year, but now I had to go! We’ve been having the occasional E-mail contact for the last 7 years now and I was finally going to meet the guy.

They were playing down at the Warner Brothers Extra stage, and Michael took us into the behind the stage VIP access lounge area where we spent about a half our with them before they took the stage. It was pretty surreal. He introduced me to Kevin who turned around and asked “if this was the guy” His wife Betsy is the most charming and sweetest person you would ever meet.

Everyone was extremely cool and gracious. I talked to Michael for about 15 minutes before he was whisked away for some photo op stuff, and Kevin came over and talked to me for about 10 before Michael came back. I of course asked him what possessed him to play the drug dealer in that movie “Super”. He had an awesome story that included “Claude Van Damm” of all people.  lol…

We were watching the band and Betsy took a couple pics of Shannie and I from the audience with the band in the background.

The band was quite good. Very tight, and played some really cool classic style rock n roll. Kind of a rock / folk / groove mix.

What a total blast of an evening, and such amazing people! ,  Ugh…now back to packing. lol..

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  1. Man what a great experience that must have been!

  2. lol, that commercials awesome! lololol!

    Yeah, it was pretty crazy. It was cool meeting Michael after 7 years of the occasional e-mail back and forth, and of course meeting Kevin was pretty dope.

    Very cool people.

  3. Love the pics. Must have been surreal.

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