July 12, 2012

Korben & his Monsters!

Here are a couple pic of Korben and his Monsters…lol. He loves his Gator, which looks more like a Piranha than a Gator but it has large pointy teeth never the less. :-)

Well this week things are getting real. We got word the Condo loan from the buyer was approved so it’s a done deal, we’re out of here next Sunday whether we like it or not. Now just crossing fingers on our deal. We have the home inspection and appraisal on the new place tomorrow so hoping there are no show stoppers there.

Tonight I started digging into my studio packing things up. Our plan is to take over the stuff we don’t want a mover to touch this weekend to the storage unit, and continue packing so when the movers come out next Saturday morning, it’s a smooth trip putting the rest of the stuff in the new storage unit we’ll be renting just for the move. Then it’s over to Mama Sheila’s with the family and cats until we get our escrow over with.

The lady in the home we’re buying is in escrow on a place that’s supposed to close on the 26th, so with any luck she’ll be out before ours closes and we can move in on our projected date of Aug. 6th.

I’m not going to have my studio for a few weeks, and not much else to do, so I’ll be hammering out the rest of the HellSpawn screenplay while we’re at Sheila’s on the MacBook Pro. It’s going to be weird not having access to my studio for that long. Maybe it will be a little mini-vacation. lol…

So that’s what’s going on at the moment. Fun Fun… :-)

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  1. Great pics of Korben! Sounds like a lot of moving parts but so far so good, wish you guys you are settled soon in your new Casa De Bacon.

  2. Korben is growing fast. Sounds like the vacation is the move. Good luck with all the pieces falling in place. Can’t wait to see the new digs.

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