July 7, 2012

In Escrow – again….

This morning we got our counter offer signed off on and we’re in Escrow! yeayyy,,,..crossing fingers. lol..

So things are looking good. We will have to move everything out of here and be over at Shannie’s mom’s place for a couple weeks while our escrow on this new place closes, but at least we know where we are going now unless of course it all falls through. hah..

Shannie and I are starting to get into heavy pack mode now, so hopefully this one will be uneventful this time around and we can slide into our new place unscathed.

Get ready for “Dive-in” movie night!


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  1. Great news, congrats will keep fingers crossed!

  2. I’ll keep my legs crossed, but my thighs are kinda big.

  3. Excellent! Let me know if assistance is needed!

  4. Here’s to hoping for an uneventful move, so we can start those Dive-In movies!

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