July 2, 2012

Baby Boy at 3 Months!….and some Turbulance – Of course….

What day is it?? lol..

Last week was Korben boy’s week 12 with us!…he just gets cuter every day. He’s playing with toys now. He has this spinning wheel he loves. He sits up in his Bumbo chair and tray with it attached via suction cup and he grabs it and spins it, holds it like he’s holding a steering wheel. Pretty crazy.

Yesterday he just sat in the chair and kept laughing out loud at it. Pretty neat.

Tomorrow he goes into Daycare… :-( ..but it was inevitable.

Well I was working on stuff and getting things done but as life often does, here comes the croquette mallet. lol…

We have 3 weeks left till the close of Escrow and suddenly it struck me about the logistics of moving, especially when you still haven’t quite figured out where the hell we’re going to move to…so the next couple weeks are going to be interesting.

So unfortunately everything is getting put on hold until we get this figured out. :-(

On an upswing, we put in an offer for a new place tonight, so crossing fingers and with any luck we’ll have a new place to call home. Unfortunately we’ll have to be completely moved out of this place before that happens and be living in limbo for a couple weeks at the very least.

Most likely Mama Shiela’s but she’s allergic to cats and and the logistics of that are kind of crazy, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen. Maybe a temp rental for a few weeks, I don’t know.

So things are kind of up, and kind of down…and kind of crazy around here.

We got the drop on this place we checked out today, but since the sale in contingent on our condo sale, that may not go down to well, but we’ll see. We only have a few weeks left, so hopefully we’ll get this to go down.

The house is kind of similar to the one we were going to purchase in Dec., but it’s up on a large hill side so we would have an amazing view from the back. It’s a very quite street, has a pool and jacuzzi, space on the side for an RV, larger back yard…etc.

Lot’s of room for studio upgrades, etc.

We saw two houses today. That was the first one, and then we went to a house that nearly scared the shit out of me….seriously. lol…

We went to this house out in San Carlos across the street from Gage Elementary school. Every wall, every table, everywhere you looked was creepy Jesus paraphernalia. eeeek…

There were people home but we had to let ourselves in with the key box. Nobody was down stairs but we could hear some faint baby crying upstairs. So we’re walking around and everywhere you went, drawings, paintings, shitty printer print outs of pictures with slogans on them…it was waaayyyy creepy.

We all went up stairs and the back bedroom door is shut. So of course we’re buyers and we’re here to see the place…but we have to knock on this person’s door and to be honest I didn’t want to. So we’re close to the door and the door suddenly opens and there is this nasty looking older lady that looks eerily similar to the Colombian chick that holds the machine gun in Scarface. You know, during the “hacking off the arm in the shower” scene.

A little older than that, but that same prune face look. She held out her hand to shake it, which of course you want to be friendly so I reach out to shake her hand, and I swear it felt like grabbing onto a French Toast Stick. Cold and Squishy!

The bedroom was covered wall to wall with Jesus stuff, and she had this computer desk and “giant” printer. I think it was probably Jesus camp central command. I don’t know, but I know…does that make any sense?

I don’t know what she was up to…but you know it wasn’t good.

We wanted to take a look at the other side of the upstairs, so we climb over the crazy baby gate to get to the back bedrooms. In one bedroom was this really young black girl holding a baby who’s head I swear looked like it was a full grown adult…and over on the bed, I don’t know. I guess it was somebody sleeping at 3 in the afternoon but they had blankets pulled over their head and body like it was a dead body under there. Didn’t move at all the entire time we were upstairs checking it out. I didn’t even see breathing.

I couldn’t wait to get the fuck out of there….lol. Scary stuff.

Shannie had another strange occurrence with a dude standing outside of Albertsons last week who wanted to “Bless our baby”. Shannie said no thank you and walked past him, but it did prompt me to buy her two canisters of “Pepper Spray”. A key chain sized mobile can in a holster, and a large canister to keep in the glove compartment of the car just in case one of these wierdos decided to get forcefull about it.

So anyway, getting into “packing mode” again…so I dont expect much to get done on the film or game front for a little while, but I am sure I’ll still be noodling around on it here and there until things are back up and running.

…as the world turns…

























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  1. This is MARTA…….Marta was her name…..And God Bless, when is the baby gonna have his Christening? hhahahahahahaha

  2. That house sounds like a scene from one of your screenplays Michael! :)

  3. I was thinking the same thing Tim…haha. Michael, I hope you took notes it sounds like the script was written already :)

  4. Dont hold your breath on that one. You can keep your imaginary friend to yourself. :-)

    I can handle the occasional j painting on the wall. I think It’s completely retarded, but whatever. Everyone can be into whatever they want, but when it elevates to border-lined Jim Jones status, it creeps me out big time.

  5. I don’t know who Jim Jones is. Is he gay?

  6. “Why, are you looking for a date or something?” – Marcus :-)


  8. I was waaaay more worried about the laundry situation. We couldn’t find it, and asked sponge-fingers where the washer dryer was. She said, “the laundry room is in the garage, but, oh we don’t have a washer/dryer right now”. WTF?!

  9. Did she check you guys for mumps before you went into the house? Mike seems to keep running into people like this for some reason. I’ll be honest, if I saw Marta anywhere in my life, let alone a house, my ass would be out the door before her Colombian brother puts me in a tub to chainsaw my head….

  10. Totally unrelated but awesome and funny.

  11. Christ, how the hell did you find this? Michael PS Hayes and the Freebirds, wow. That was terribly good.

  12. hah, holy shit…lol…

    I like little Sanchez with the Dot335 in the back line…lol. Awesome..

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