June 22, 2012

Hs Concept – Sheriff

Here’s the Sheriff concept for HellSpawn using Michael Biehn as our reference model.

Been really busy across the board. Showing the condo, HellSpawn, Retro Assault, Work, the Korben Boy…I’m in a perpetual mode of no sleep as of late.

Good news is we have 3 offers on the Condo that have all matched or beat what we were asking for it, so we’ll be going with one tomorrow and with any luck have it sold and be out of here in the very near future.

In other news, there has been significant work done on RA getting the build up and running on OSx. I thought it would take them longer, but Mark’s been slamming it out and it’s almost fully ported over which means it will be up and running on Ipad shortly so that’s pretty exciting.

I have a bunch of audio conversions tonight, and then I have to start getting new Art assets together and plugged into the build. I have my work cut out for me.

Still working on the Screenplay, little by little getting there. Balancing out the film and Game project is going to be nuts, but I’ll manage it somehow.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new Zone at work. It’s going to make a really cool portfolio piece.

It was our 3rd Wedding anniversary yesterday. Wow, 3 years since we got married.  Seems like that just went down not too long ago, and now we’re sitting on the couch with the Korben Boy.

I got my Shannie Baby a new Ipad…lol. We both thought they were retarded when they came out a few years back, now they are the living room tool of choice.

Happy Anniversary baby!



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  1. I hope you and Shannie had a great anniversary. Glad that you got those offers in. I can still let you have two rooms in our house for $2,500 a month ;p

  2. Don’t burn yourself out dude. This shit is getting real now……

  3. Too late for that.. :-) ….But it’s all good…I’m finding my pace now.

  4. We did, thanks Joker…

    lol, you’re opening up Pandora’s Box there…Stepbrothers anyone? “I’m going to go upstairs….and put my Nut-Sack…on your Drum-set!”

  5. Hey, do you like guacamole?

  6. Happy Anniversary guys it was such a great wedding and reception!

  7. Congrats on the anniversary. You guys had an excellent officiant. When you sell the condo where are you guys going to live until you get another place?

  8. Was that a Stepbrother’s reference? or were you going for “Random Question of the Week”? lol..

    Thanks guys! Yes on both accounts. We did have an excellent officiant, and the wedding was a blast. Thank you both for being a part of it. I think one of my fondest memories was all of us hanging out in the infinity edge pool the night before…. it was a little cold, but man it was a fun time!

  9. Not sure exactly what we’re going to do. Mama Sheila already jumped at the chance to have us stay with her…lol…she loooves that Korben Boy, but I think we’ll just rent something month to month while we’re looking.

  10. hahahahhahahahha, no man, if was the question RIley asks Ferrell right before he jumped on that make shift bunk and then smashes him.

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