June 15, 2012

Final Cut Pro X and the MacBook Pro….


I don’t like it, but I loaded Final Cut Pro X on the MacBook Pro and fired it up just to see what the interface was like, imported some HD footage and right off the bat the scrubbing tool was so much better than the Adobe counterpart. ughh…

Scrolling across footage, backwards, forwards..whatever is like butter. So smooth it’s nauseating. One thing is for sure. H264 footage naively works better on a Mac. I haven’t done any performance testing, loading it up with anything really heavy, but its responsiveness is really cool. Unfortunately I think I’m seeing an Avid system in my future. grrr…but not today. :-) Fortunately, the Matrox MXO2 hardware I’m presently using does work with a MacBook Pro….I just need to get the Thunderbolt hookup for it so that’s pretty cool.

On the film front, got some work done on the screenplay last night. I have a friend who has a girlfriend who writes screenplays for Hollywood, films and Tv shows. She’s working on a project for AMC at the moment and has a feature film project that will be in theaters soon. I asked Mia if she would run the Hellspawn script by her just to get a second opinion on it when it’s done. I’m kind of excited, curious and extremely frightened to show it to her but a necessary evil.

James is still working on the Sheriff at the moment. He sent over the rough which was good so hopefully we’ll have it over the weekend sometime.

Mark is working away on the Retro Assault stuff


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  1. Very cool on having the screenplay looked at. I know she will say it is awesome.

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