June 13, 2012

Cats in a Box…Got my Cat in a box now babyyyy…

I purchased a new 17″ MacBook Pro which FedEx dropped off today. Of course the cats commandeered it as soon as the laptop was taken out of the box. Silly cats…

I guess this is my first Official Mac. I used a G3 at Aramat briefly to do some audio for a PlayStation One title way back in the day. I cant say I’m extremely ecstatic about it, but I’m warming up to it. I do like the size of the display and I always liked Apple’s keyboards, so I put Final Draft and my Story Structure software on it to be able to write in the living room with the boy or out and about.

I was thinking about getting a new laptop anyway, so this one is pretty cool.

The reason I purchased a Mac, or the reason it had to be a Mac is because I had lunch with a couple software engineers over the weekend, and we’re going to get Retro Assault up and running on the Ipad….Finally!

You need a Mac to access and test the Ipad/Iphone hardware so we’re pulling that together now. Mark has been working on porting the current RA build over to the OSx platform, and then he’ll be programming touch pad controls mimicking a joystick and fire control buttons.

So I’m going to be pulling double duty getting the Screenplay done and working on RA assets. The goal of course is getting it into the market place and having some good side income flowing. I cant wait to see it running on Ipad hardware…so excited!

zzzzz… well I got two hours sleep last night, so time for bed! Hope ya all are having a good week…

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  1. i just got my very first mac as an xmas present to myself last yr. i got the macbook air. so thin i can put the damn thing in a purse no problem. great for air travel. my only complaint, its sooo thin that it does kinda cut my wrists, not enough for thoughts of suicide (pun intended) but def should come w little wrist pad accessories. oh, and it doesn’t have a spot to insert a disc so no annual music CD’s from me anymore….but it doesn’t stop me from making a mix on my phone. ivana’s bitchin CD vol. 5 is on its way…..

  2. lol, death by Mac….I noticed the stainless chasis has kind of a really hard corner design. Like the edges aren’t smoothed out enough.

    I got a mouse for it and enabled the double click feature so it practically works like a windows machine now. Outside some of the gateway software crap, I’m liking it. I do like it’s form factor and some of the hardware. I think once I’m used to using it I’ll be warming up to it more.

    I think it’s a very refined product.

    Hey, were is my mix cd?? :-)

  3. Som Timberlake and Samberg have a “Dick in a Box”, Bacon has a “Pussy in a Box”….I like it, let’s do a video on that and send it to SNL….

  4. lol,…just as long it’s not my Cat’s head. :-)

    Awesome IV, I cant wait!

    I got a hold of Media Composer 6 software for the Mac. I hope this doesnt turn into me wanting Nitris DX hardware! eeeeeekk…

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