June 8, 2012

Hs Concept – The Nerd Dad

Here is the Nerd Dad concept – Which will be played by Mark Benjamin of course. :-)

A little Greasy and A lot of Blood.

Mr. Knudsen goes through quite a lot in the film. I almost feel sorry for him….almost. lol..

Just working away tonight. The screenplay keeps moving along. Got a few more pages done, and chipping away at it a little at a time with the occasional burst of 10 to 12 pages when on a roll. Still a ways to go, but I really like what is there. Happy Happy Joy Joy…

I just got done splattering Laylah’s brains all over her mom, and Mark is in a pretty dark place at the moment embracing the remains of his dead wife who’s lying in the middle of the desert highway, body all broken and twisted up just being run down by a giant 4×4 and all. lol…Sorry Joker. You’re just not having a good day my friend.  :-)

James is working on the Sheriff Concept so I should have that in a couple days.

Outside of that things are good. Korben boy is starting to Mimic us which is fun….and tonight he is almost standing! Almost. It’s crazy. I set him on my desk and he pretty much stands straight up. I have my hands around his back like a retaining wall keeping him from falling backwards because he has no balance yet, but as far as actually having the strength to stand on his own two feet, he completely has it. The boy is going to be walking before he can freakn crawl! eeeeeeeekkk…

In other news this week we put the Condo up for sale. We checked around and looked at comps in the area, and inventory in this area is really low, and with summer about here I guess it’s the perfect time to sell. With any luck we’ll get this thing sold and on to house hunting again.

EQ2 is going well. I wrapped up on the Qeynos revamp and on to the next zone for the coming expansion in Nov. It’s looking pretty cool already. Very epic looking. We’ve been getting great press over the new EQ2 SOEmote system we’ve been showing off at E3 up in LA this week. It’s technology where we have a web cam set up on your desktop and it tracks your face, then animates the face of your EQ2 character in the game in real time. It’s pretty bad ass, and no other MMO has it. It’s pretty fucking cool really.

And it looks like SOE is making real headway again as being a hardcore top tier gaming publisher. PlanetSide 2 took best of show at E3 in GameInformer Magazine. Pretty cool!

Good news for us. yeayyyyyyy!….lol. And tomorrow the team is being taken out to see Prometheus which I am so dying to see. tomorrow is shaping up quite nicely.


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  1. Love the look. Elvis Costello is my hero! Wow if Korben is walking soon the kittens will have to be quick :)

  2. Love the pants! Congrats on your work success!

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