May 30, 2012

Why do they let McG keep making films???

That’s my Question for the evening.

I purchased that “This Means War” flick not knowing it was an McG film. It was not Shannie informed me it was an McG film, then it all made sense. I don’t like any of his films, even what he did with the Terminator franchise. How can you mess up a Terminator Film? From a visual design standpoint, I think it was the best one in the series given the design team he was working with, the dude had so much to work with…but the film in general was just kind of…bad. When I saw the trailer for it, it looked great, but in the end it was just not very good.

In an interview about it, he addressed it’s failure as not having the “Time Travel” element involved, and that he was going to rehash that for the two other sequels. Really? ugh…Note to McG: That was your edge man!. lol..Everyone has been waiting to see the other side of Terminator. The Future side. Epic Fail –

Luckily they yanked it from him before he could do more damage.

He seems to be able to suck the life out of everything he touches, even action sequences. Kind of boggles the Noggin

Just my evening rant…pay no never-mind….time for bed. :-)


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  1. Come on Mike, all those computer skills and you don’t take advantage of it. Download the movie, if it’s good, buy it, if not then delete it from your download file. That’s what I do…..tehe…..

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