May 29, 2012

Static Reactor –

Time for change.

I’ve been back and forth with the Micon thing for quite a while now. I had changed it briefly to Midnight Drive Pictures but the web site address was too long and annoying, and the title never really did it for me.

I wanted something that was cool, was removed from my name and was something that I could find a domain for that didn’t have hyphens or something overly long because there were already a zillion sites with a similar name, or a case where you had to spell it out all weird to make it unique, and then explain it until the end of time to anyone you come across that you wanted to give the address to.

Recently I got notice that my old domain Static Reactor was about to expire, so after mulling it over for a bit, I decided to just use it for the new film entity.

When I rebuild the film site shortly to support HellSpawn, I will be building it up with the new name and Micon Films will be officially retired.

I wanted something I can build a theme around with animation and this title seems to work for that. I’ll be building the logo with a Tesla coil kind of thing in the vien of Bad Robot, but for the moment I have this graphic up on the website.

Outside of that this weekend I got some more work done on the screenplay. I finished page 45 tonight so I’m into the 2nd act now. A little less than half way through the screenplay but the core is pretty solid so far I think.

There are a lot of characters to juggle…lol, but it’s working pretty well. I feel like the viewer is getting to know them and are worth handing out with for a couple hours.

The lead up to the “Break into Two” turned out really well in particular. I added a Zack Snyder influenced Slo-Mo montage, sketching out the evening of the Motel Residence up until the Outlaws show up. If I can pull it off, it’s going to be pretty awesome.

The Break into Two scene itself is pretty brutal and fun. I think I’m setting the right tone with all the baddies making them ruthless and kind of crazy without it going into cheese-ball territory. One thing is for curtain, I have the Sid Haig stuff nailed! lol…but without him completely rehashing Capt. Spalding. Shannie read it and said she completely sees “Him” as the character.

So that’s it really. James is working on “The Bride” Character concept, and then he will be onto the “Square Dad”, so we should see those this week.

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  1. Hugo Z. Hackenbush and Rufus T. Firefly love Captain Spalding!

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