May 24, 2012

Most ridiculous video ever –

I saw Rhoad’s post today for his video on Facebook and thought it had been a long time since I posted anything really ridiculous, so here’s an awesomely ridiculous video I ran across about a week ago.

This is Willam Balli, a drag queen up in LA that was on Ru Paul’s Drag Race last season.

The guy/girl is totally hilarious, and of course there is something so wrong about a dude’s package bouncing to the beat of the music. The guy is completely fearless.

Enjoy. :-)

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  1. I stopped at 9 seconds………

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!,,,….

  3. I guess you guys werent ready to play at that level….sorry about, time to go back to Star Wars kid and SNL videos. :-)

  4. lightweight.. lol..

  5. Perhaps if Riley Steele made a short cameo it would have settled my stomach.

  6. Joker,

    Is it true you were the stunt double for Gator McKlusky in White Lightning?

  7. I think he may have doubled for Sean Connery in Zardoz as well. Why dont I have that movie in the collection? lol..

  8. You can tell it is me by the girth :)

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