May 21, 2012

HellSpawn – Screenplay Status

Been working on the Screenplay and finished page 25 tonight, so moving along. I’m just about done with Act 1, and I think it’s pretty solid so far.

I added a couple scenes that weren’t in my initial block-out and been having a lot of fun playing with the various elements of the character’s personalities. I initially had a relatively generic opener for the first time we introduce the villains, but I ended up with something really cool once I got in there and really defined it.

It’s really over the top, and I cant think of a better opener visually for it. Another hook defining piece that really grabs you when you see it for the first time. Thematically it just works, and sets up the two main villains really well defining one as the diabolical sadist and the other as the ruthless bad-ass in complete control through a rough but charismatic persona.  

I had been playing around with some VFX visual transitions between a couple scenes leading to the introduction for the bad guys, and then it just clicked.


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