May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me….Happy Birthday to Meeeee…lol.

It’s 1:20am and I looked over at the clock and realized it was my Birthday. lol..

Time has flown by so fast It’s scary. Really scary. We’re about half the year in and it seems like we just crossed over the new year.

I decided I’m going to stay home and play hookie today. Things are right in line at work with my schedule, pretty close to finishing the city revamp. All the main content is finished, now I’m just doing technical tweaks and fixing Portal issues.

I worked from home last Friday afternoon doing some architectural design concepts for next castle I’ll be starting on in a couple weeks. I’m going to be doing something along the lines of Devil May Cry, really detailed and Gothic. Cant wait to get started on it.

Over the weekend we had Mother’s day. We attempted to take the little one into the pool but it was a little too cold for that so Grandma Sheila held him as Shannie and I played in the water. I made them dinner, then Shannie and I took the little guy to the Drive-in Theater in Santee to watch Avengers again. We had a great time.

Before we left I got a picture of the two boys sleeping in the bassinet. Hard to believe those little fuckers fit in the palm of my hands 6 months ago. They’re huge!!!

I have come to the conclusion that they are never going to know their names, and I cant tell them apart from a distance anymore so I should have just named them Ding and Dong so i can group them both as Ding You call them both at once most of the time anyway so it would have been more fun. Com’n Ding Dongs…here’s your food!

A few nights ago I got a phone camera shot of Shannie and Korben sleeping on the couch. Such an endearing  moment (…No Mom, that is not a cue to comment on it…lol). They were both conked out…I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning if she kills me for posting it. :-) Sorry baby…you guys look so cute!

HellSpawn is moving along. Still working on the Screenplay obviously. A little slow but I like what I have. I went back and wrote in this really cool camera effect between the 3 character introduction scenes which sort of tie them all together as sort of a big master scene but with a pretty inventive visual style element I have not really seen done before.

It’s not really subtle but its not way over the top either, just a cool little camera trick to give the film some visual flare and set the tone for the rest of the film. I’m going to use the trick in a few other places as well. It will definately set it apart from your typical indie production.    

On the concept front James is working on some more character concepts. I decided to define some of the other characters in the film while I work on the script, so I”m having him do the Bride, the Groom, the Drifter, the Square Dad, and the Sheriff. I’ll probably do the rest of them when I get finished with the 1st draft while he does some more scene concepts. I’m want to print out and frame the line of characters on one big graphic to have in the studio and some of the concept shots as well up on the walls.

We’ll be getting into doing pre-production interviews and they would be pretty cool as studio prop pieces too.

Fun stuff…

Peace out… 


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  1. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day off brother.

  2. Joker stole my line. Have a Happy Birthday Hollywood.


  4. Happy Birthday Michael!

  5. Thank ya everybody. We had a really great day. :-)

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