May 11, 2012

Hs Concept Art – Apocalypse


Here’s the revamped Apocalypse character concept.

I think he strikes the right tone I was looking for. Part biker, Part Medieval executioner, Part gladiator. If we can pull the look off, this character should be pretty awesome visually on film.

So this concludes the four main villains conceptually. I think they all have pretty cool themes that work well together but stand out from one another.

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  1. agreed, Bizzle. all the characters are badass and yes, distinctive. so awesome! i’m digging the tattoo on this guy’s chest. its not just tattoos on his chest, its a frickin face, yo! kick ass

  2. btw, i think in a good film that leaves a memorable mark in the melon is one that has not only a few great lines that anyone can say and know what film its from, but also if to dress up like a character (halloween per say) they know exactly what film its from. even hellboy’s character, as ridiculous as it was in theory, seems to have been done well. but in somewhat realism, who didn’t dress like jason lee as The Crow when that came out? or the joker of heath ledger. ppl dig that shit and i think you’ve nailed it on all of them. its….perfect

  3. Thanks Ivana,

    On the same page….:-) I shooting for memorable lines, Scenes, and character aesthetics to get as many hooks as possible in there. I’m also adding as many cool visual style cues as I can think of. lol…

  4. agreed on scenes. like who doesn’t remember the shot of the horse head in bed, jack’s face in the axed door, the writer getting his ankles hit on blocks in Misery, or the dying emperor scene of the skesis in dark crystal ( i was a fan). rest in peace, mr H

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