May 10, 2012

Korben 1 Month old –

 My baby boy’s 1 month old already…wow.

I took a few photos tonight to mark the moment. Looks like Korben’s giving us a little “Blue Steel” up at top there. lol..

Well not much going on other than concepts and writing. James is working on an updated Apocalypse character concept and I’m working away on the screenplay.

I have a pretty solid opener setting all the character up and creating the atmosphere of the film, and should have a solid first draft in a few weeks at this pace.

Looking forward to having script in hand to move forward with. Once I have the draft, the real fun starts putting the rest of the project together. Cant wait…

In other news, I’m almost done with the second city revamp for EQ2. I have about 3 weeks left and that should be wrapped up and on to something else. I’m actually pretty happy to be getting off of the Re-Vamp track. The Executive Producer for the EQ franchise popped up over at my desk yesterday to let me know how ecstatic he was over what I did on Quenos which was great. Always like that…lol…but I want to get back to building and designing my own stuff without ripping apart old legacy material.

I’ll be back to my own devices building a huge new Castle design in a few weeks for the next expansion that ships in Nov. I want to do something really detailed and organic with the set design using some new techniques I worked with on this last piece.

Stronger, Faster, better….BattleTanks,,,, :-)   

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  1. Great pics! What is he thinking? :)

  2. Nice pics. You sure he’s yours :)

  3. WOW, isn’t he just down right gorgeous???? Oh YEAH!!!!!

    I miss him somuch. While I was in San Diego, I sent Korben’s pictures to Gary and he printed them out 8x 10 and it sits in a frame on my fireplace and every time I see it I want to hug him.

    These will be printed out and on my fireplace as well.

    You and Shannie DID GOOD

    PLEASE give him a hug and kiss from Grandma

  4. One never knows…answering both questions at once. 😉

    I’m glad to hear Gary’s out of the hospital Mumz…hugs..hugs…

  5. oh man, you guys. what a cute cute kid. now he’s starting to have a distinctive look and i can see shanny through and through. definatly her eyes and eyebrows. i’m not one for kids but gotta say you guys…….keeeee yuuuuuuute!!!!

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