May 6, 2012

Hs – Flirting Groom Concept

 A concept of the Flirting Groom Scene.

The groom, all decked out in his 70s golf attire just having been married in Vegas is showing us his best side while checking out / flirting with the Cowboy Cheerleaders hanging out poolside. This of course is just moments after checking into the Motel with his new bride.

“Old habits die hard” seems to be the theme here. :-)


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  1. I love the scene. Typical guy who loves to flirt and you can tell by his dress and demeour tha he is player. Just married his lovely bride and check in the motel, but just cannot resist firting with the cute cheerleaders. He may not be looking for anything, since he just got married, but he certainly wants to know he still got it to the girls and the girls want him.

  2. uhh, sort of but not really. The scene isnt that

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