May 5, 2012

Hs Concept Art: SPYDER

Another Baddie Concept from James –

I really like this one in particular. The idea of a guy wearing his inmate prison attire out in open means he just doesn’t give a fuck about anything and will put a bullet into absolutely anyone without hesitation.

Spyder is the most diabolical of the gang and is the twistedly sence of humor of the bunch. Of course who does twisted humor better than Sid Haig / Capt. Spalding?! So his influence drove the concept piece.

Once I get the screenplay and concept art for the film in a good place, I think we’re going to approach Sid about doing the Project. Hopefully that will be one I can check off the ol’ bucket-list. :-)

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  1. I totally thought of Sig Haig before I read your description.

  2. Me too! I love Sid. Who doesn’t love a clown???

  3. The tough scixoid nasty jail bird who doesn’t care about anyone or anything but being a bad ass. I can tell he is not scared of anything. I wouldn’t want to be 5 miles that guy.

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