May 1, 2012

HELLSPAWN Screenplay Started –

I pretty much have the building blocks finished on the story structure now and moving onto actually writing the screenplay.

Page 1, Scene Just a start tonight but it was a good feeling seeing the initial HellSpawn Final Draft Doc. materialize in the project folder. I wrote out the intro scene shot which is a great visual so we’re off and running now. Next stop…page 110. :-) 

I have a couple of new concept pieces coming. Actually three, I’m doing one of them. We have Lawless, the head villain almost done, Tor sent me the rough for the Groom / Cheerleaders by the pool / “flirting” scene which looks pretty fun…and I’m working on one of the low ranking bikers named “Crankcase”.

After James gets Lawless finished, I’ll be putting him back on scene concepts to get a little visual work on some of the newly added story blocks. I think I’m going to have him do 4 or 5 more then chill out on the concept work for a bit until I finish the screenplay. It actually takes me quite a bit of time to write up descriptions for the concept pieces and manage them, and I want to get to hammering on the Screenplay with little interruption.

Once I have the screenplay, we’ll be heading up the task to story board out the entire film. It’s going to be a lot of work, but pretty exciting as well.

In other news, I took my mom to the airport today so she’s back home safe and sound and things are a little more back to normal around the Bacon Estate. Thank you much Mumsy for coming out to see the birth of the Korben Boy and for the extra hand around the house. It was very helpful. It was great having you here and Korben looks forward to see his Grandma again real soon. :-)

Now its off to bed. Very little sleep last night and I’m dead tired…..zzzzzzzzz



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  1. Wow, you are really moving along with this project. I love the blog so I can follow you along as you work on this project.
    This is a hell of a story and it is going to be a brutal movie when it is done. I hope I have enough guts to watch it, but I can always close my eyes when it gets REALLY bad ass.
    Thank you and Shannie for the priviledge to be there when Korben was born, it really meant a lot to me as well.
    I think I stayed a little too long, but as you say, things are back to almost normal now and that is a good thing for all of you.
    I will miss holding my little guy, but that is how it is you know. Keep pictures coming.
    Love all of you way big time,


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