April 26, 2012

Wed Night Rain –

I love the rain… :-)

Tonight I got home and jumped in the pool while it poured down. So good! lol…

 Tonight I worked a little more on the story structure. I needed to rearrange some things to get a few elements I want to introduce to work. It does change some things but I’m building a better bridge so it’s all good.

I really wanted an up close and personal scene where we really see the inner workings of the relationship between the victims / Bikers / Sheriff so I have this Bar scene where the Lead Biker wants to play a deadly game of Blackjack with the remaining survivors.

The Sheriff gives up his rescued passengers to the Villain, which he holds as hostages to trap the rest of the group. In this scene we have a lot of fun stuff going on reminiscent to a meaty spaghetti western kind of thing.

I would like to get this scene wet as well with lightning and storm effects outside. It’s a night scene so it should be relatively easy to do hopefully.

This is my big “break into the Third act” scene and should blow the whole thing wide open to begin the final act.

On the concept front James is cranking away on the “Apache” concept and it’s looking really cool. This isn’t the design for the Indian in the set piece concept. This would be the actual character design we will use for the actor playing the part.

He’s looking really awesome, but I felt we needed a little more work on the bottom half so we should have that tomorrow. He kind of has this Sonny Lindham meets Iggie Pop kind of thing going on. He looks pretty menacing. :-)

Tor is working on another set piece concept as well.

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