April 22, 2012


I registered HELLSPAWNMOVIE.COM which will be the official homepage for the film project and got the html index up on the server this morning.

Nothing to see here yet but it’s ready to start putting together. I have an unopened bottle of Tab Cola sitting on my desk as well as a perfect condition Simon Game out in the living…so we’re ready to go.

Work continues to be done, Tor and James are cranking away on the concept art pieces for the Pre-Production. I’ve been writing up Character / scene descriptions and managing the Art Direction as well as continuing my effort with the story building blocks. I’m down to a few scenes in the third act I’m still working through and then I can move on to the script.

I’m looking forward to getting this thing fully off the ground obviously. It’s going to be a pretty brutal but fun film and of course looking forward to embracing our first feature length endeavor.


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