April 11, 2012

KORBEN – the last 72hrs

Ok, home and getting back to business.

I didnt have time earlier to document my little boy’s burst onto the scene so here is a post dedicated to it.

My Baby Boy! mmmwwwaaaa! Love ya my little buddy. That seems to be the running theme around here. ūüėČ

The induction was set up for Saturday the 7th, which was the weekend before¬†Shannie’s actual Due Date which would have been on the 10th. I thought in the back of my mind it was probably possible to happen earlier, but I was really thinking we would go in on Saturday and he would be born sometime early Sunday Morning or something like that.

I had my Mom come in to town on Wed, the 4th to make sure she was here when the Korben Boy was born. This was set up months ago.¬†Well Shannie’s water broke “At” the Airport! We had just pulled into visitor parking when she got out of the car and mentioned things were kind of “wet” down there.

It wasn’t the big event you hear about where a bed sheet is destroyed and a big gush of fluid comes blasting out like a tsunami so she thought it was probably some kind of discharge from going to the Dr. earlier in the day. We even thought we would pick up my Mom and stop off at this¬†frame shop on the way¬†home to¬†pick up a couple frames for a couple old film posters I had.

We decided to hold off and just drove home with Mumsy in tow. Picked up some lunch and¬†went back to the house. When we were¬†home Shannie had a few more smaller “Gushes”, and was wondering what to do. She said she thought she would just go take a nap when I told her¬†she should call the¬†hospital and¬†get their input on it.

Well we went in thinking it was probably nothing and would be checked out and sent home…wrong! lol..

At first it was just a lot of questions and checking things out, but it soon became obvious her water actually did broke and we were there for the long haul. They¬†put us in a delivery room and then the wait started. I think we got there around 6:15. Rhoads was supposed to come over and I was going to help¬†him with sound on his reel at 7…which of course was put on hold.

They induced Shannie, Mama Sheila showed up and then we waited, and waited and waited. They kept upping the dose of whatever that drug they were using and I think Shannie was dilated to 3cm when they checked around midnight.

We were all up all night and in the morning she had an epidural. Then we waited and waited…it was pretty crazy. I hadn’t gotten more than 4 hrs sleep the night before so I was¬†a walking zombie at that point. ugghh…

Shannie felt great! lol. Contractions weren’t even painful and she felt fine. At about 9am I think it was when they checked her again and she was still 3cm…so nothing was really happening.

Things went on till about 2pm and by that time we were all so dead it was ridiculous. Kelly came by which was great. She picked up some lunch for us, and was an¬†incredible support. They checked her again and¬†it was still 3cm at 2. ughh…It looked like things were going to be going late into the night again. The¬†mid-wife said they could just wait to see what happens so I had to take a nap at that point, and I just couldn’t do it there, so I went home for a couple hours. We only live 7 mins from the hospital so I figured we had some time.

I was going to take a quick nap and get back there at 4pm. At 4pm Shannie called me and told me the mid-wife was going to take another look to see where we were at and that a decision to go c-section might be made which Shannie didnt want to do. I jumped in the car and raced back over.

I’m walking up the hallway to the room and pass my Mom heading off to make a phone call. She’s about 40 – 50 ft around the corner from the room. I head around the corner and Mama Sheila is standing there in a serious demeanor and tells me Shannie is¬†in a lot of pain.

Ok, I just talked to her about 10 minutes ago and she was fine and still at 3cm. I walk in the room and people are scattering about. Apparently the drugs just hit her all at once and it was game on.¬†Mid-wife comes in and checks her….she’s at a full 10cm! Holy shit. Inside of 20 minutes we went from nothing going on to full banana!

I just passed my Mom in the hall and she had no clue any of this had started!

I think that was about 4:30pm…and Korben was born at 5:38 PM. lol…wow!

I was Shannie’s coach holding up a leg and manning the push count. She did amazing! Really amazing. She made it look pretty easy actually. She was in a lot of pain of course, but she just hammered it and focused and it was done pretty quickly once it finally got started. I was amazed. She was walking around and ready to go home an couple hours after the delivery!

The last couple pushes were the worst, but once we reached that point, wham! and it was done. I missed most of the National Geographic moments since I couldn’t really see around her leg but I did notice the Mid-Wife’s body motion when she pulled¬†him out and then I saw my baby boy land squarely on my Wife’s chest and it was pretty amazing.

He was perfect! Cutest thing I have ever seen.

Once it all started it was pretty much adrenalin and excitement so I was pretty wired the rest of the evening. After the victory lap, Sheila took my Mom home and Shannie and I hung out with our boy for a couple hours in the delivery room gushing over the little dude and pretty much in shock and awe over the whole thing.

They took us over to the post-room we had for the rest of our stay. That evening Lindsy, Cornbread, Michelangelo and Kelsey came by to meet him. It was good to see them of course. It was really neat to see people light up when they came into the room.

I can say without any ego that he is one really cute kid, and Shannie cooks up a pretty awesome boy.. :-) 

They wanted to monitor Korben for another night so we actually came home Sat. Afternoon around 2:30 pm.

Now he’s at home and it’s pretty cool. Things are a little in disarray at the moment as we settle into the new Bacon Unit configuration but things are going really well. He’s pretty mesmerizing really. I sit there staring at him in my lap taking it all in. Holy shit, he’s my boy! lol… I love the little guy and looking forward to taking the ride with him as he grows up.

Pretty Cool. :-)

P.S. – I still hate the baby industrial complex cliche, so if you ask me if the witness of child birth is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life, expect a pretty smart ass response. Just warning ya. lol…

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  1. Holy Crap. You have a screen play right there. Thanks for the great story. Hope to see you soon.

  2. lol, thx Joker.. :-) I’m thinking about a small get together Sat. afternoon if people are around.

  3. Love the story man certainly wasn’t boring!

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