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March 5, 2012

Digital Corridor – Cool New Vid “Black Diamond”

Here’s a new awesome VFX vid from the guys at Digital Corridor inspired from the Playstation SSX Snowboarding games. Here we have a guy snowboarding down a live volcano. Really nice VFX stuff. They shot this on not one….but two Red “Epic” cameras. Crazy. They must have rented them for the Slow Motion capabilities the […]

Fun Stuff
March 3, 2012

DELL Precision T3500 – PREY Web Series?

Today I received a Dell Precision T3500 for my ProTools rig and got it mostly set up tonight. I haven’t gotten a chance to dig through the crazy volume of wires in the back of the PT hardware to get the 96io and DigiPre hooked up but all the software / OS seemed to install […]

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