March 31, 2012

Twists and Turns….and a new Concept – Codename: Redneck Rampage

This week we had been working on securing the Mansion location for Burn when I decided maybe the assets for this project might be a little too specific for the budget and pitched a new concept I think will be a better selection for a first feature film endeavor.

There are a lot of awesome locations up in LA with pre-built sets so we’re going to be using “The Four Aces” and “Club Ed” for our first feature length project. Club Ed is where they shot Rubber, and Motel scenes in “The Devil’s Rejects”. They look amazing without any prep work, and we would get a lot of visual bang for the buck.

I found a couple desert cabin vacation rentals near Joshua Tree that look awesome and pretty cheap to rent so we’re going for a desert theme here.

The theme is a group of Rednecks that play a twisted game with vacationers staying at this Motel by corralling them up and hunting them down for sport. I found these really cool old rundown 70s cars on Craigslist for under a grand apiece so we’ll be purchasing a few of them and road warrior-ing them up with primer paint-jobs and spray-paint graphics. We can bash them, crash them, burn them and they’ll make cheap working prop pieces. We’ll also be making the setting of the film in the late 70s…so it will have that modern exploitation film vibe.

I put together some pretty cool quirky character profiles for the Motel-stayers…so there will be some interesting chemistry going on. The Rednecks have this ridiculous guy doing commentary over loud speaker and CB while they are running around killing people that will add for some twisted comedy.

So that’s what we’re moving on. I think it’s going to be a blast to shoot.

Here’s some of the location / assets types we would be using for the project.

Pretty cool stuff.

I’m contracting out Tor again to do concept pieces for the new project starting this next week, and brought on a couple other artists as well while I’m flushing out the outline and story structure….so we are going to have some pretty cool visuals to set the visual style while moving forward pretty quickly.


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  1. Have I ever told you how fab I look in bell botttoms…? Haha. So excited for the new stuff!! :)

  2. Classic filming location. I keep thinking about that movie Rubber which was shot out there on a 5d, just a lot of great character and vistas out there.

  3. Thx Lylah! Well we’re definately going there, so get ready to break them out girl. :-)

    Yeah, Rubber was shot entirely at Club Ed and they really were able to get a nice variation of shots out of it. You dont ever get the sense that it was within a two block radius. lol..

  4. those pix are amazing!!! perfect!!!

  5. This sounds like it is coming around well Michael. Very exciting

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