March 27, 2012

BURN – Concepts and ReWrites –

Working from some doodles at work I started blocking out the Burn Villain concept tonight. The girl is burned / scarred from head to toe, has these solid red blood colored eyes and grind-ed down to a point finger tip bones that protrude out from the skin just at the first knuckle… eww…lol.

She’s going to have a naked prosthetic in some of the shots that will be particularly twisted to see, and then loosely clothed with whatever she throws over herself for some of the other scenes. The design will be pretty gross, but you will see the subtle nuances of what used to be human behind the eyes somewhere. A monster regressed back to an almost child like state partially from the injury, but also from her twisted minister father who sculpts her into this extremist weapon for his cause.

Last night I was blocking out the rewrite elements. I havent looked at this script for a couple years now, and it needs a lot of tightening up as well as some restructuring of some of the plot elements. A lot of fun stuff in there though. Some of the comedy elements still crack me up.

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  1. That is some very cool stuff. I like the ones where she’s trying to fix up her hair…that is going to be frightening.

  2. lol, thanks…yeah, something about a little girl monster is just creepy to me..

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