March 19, 2012

Moulton Lava Alert! :-)

Yep…just when you thought it was safe. A was farwarded a link to a new short film from Jason Moulton Productions tonight.

He has Embedding disabled on youtube, but the link under the picture will get you there.

I’m not going to say anything about it…just watch it for yourself. Everything you would expect from a Moulton Production. It’s like a mini-SbiG night without the hilarious commentary. Enjoy. :-)

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  1. We Riding? Are we riding somewhere?
    No, we riding.
    You are riding somewhere or we are riding somewhere?
    No, we riding.

  2. I like the part where he cries.

  3. So much stuff to love here…lol

    I like how everybody’s heads are out of the frame in nearly every shot…and of course it wouldn’t be a Moulton film if the hot chick in the film wasn’t all over him with the most awkward and cringe worthy dialog exchange possible.

  4. Cornbread you should record a voice commentary for it so we have that SbiG feel!

  5. I think I have cabin fever all.over again.

  6. I’m still waiting for Moulton to chime in any moment now. lol.

  7. that was awesome! and here i go:

    nice choice of bubble font for the starting credits….really sets the 14-yr old skating party tone.

    the casting credits at the end all shoulda said Nike and K-Swiss. i never saw anyone’s heads.

    “hey i have a GREAT idea for a storyline, lets put it on film”. dude, i had a better story the other day when i was texting the wrong guy for 45 minutes and thought i was meeting someone ELSE for lunch. then i had to go thru with the lunch w the wrong guy and i woulda never gone with him. awwwk-ward. thought it was the hottie.
    now he thinks I’m interested. ugh! “hey, sorry. thought i was texting someone else. didn’t mean to lead you on” won’t really work right now.

    how did they get the funding for their gats they rented from George Lucas’s storage unit? it shot yellow lasers. they must know people.

    the only lighting used was just leaving their car door ajar.

    thug life muh nicca

  8. ha hah…I love you Ivana. :-)


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