March 7, 2012

VFX Stuff –

Having some fun with VFX stuff tonight.

I purchased this really cool camera tracker from The Foundry that lets you import video footage and 3D Track it from right inside After FX so I was testing it out on some footage I shot when Shannie and I were up at Vasquez Rocks last summer.

I added some mid and background elements and it all tracked seamlesly so I decided to turn it into a cool FX shot I might use for something coming up.

I painted a quick and crude 50’s style rocket-ship and launch pad just to comp the shot up and tracked it in the scene to get an idea how it will work.

So now I’m going to Build the Rocket and Launch Pad in 3D and have the rocket take off with a fire and smoke sim in FumeFX. I’m wrapping my head around the end of the shot but I think I’m going to try t0 extend the upper part of the screen and see if I can get a seamless camera move where you follow the rocket up into the sky before it ends.

A little optical flares, some gleam off the metal ship hull and I think Ill have a pretty neat little shot.

I’ll probably add in an actor or two in some kind of 50s sci-fi get-up as a foreground element with green screen, but Ill wait to see how the shot turns out before going there.

I want this to be a relatively quick project to get a handle on integrating CG and Live action with match moving so this should be a good one to start with.

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  1. That looks great, honey! Way better than the Princess of Mars! LOL!

  2. Hey if Tracey is there so am I. Just a fan of the earlier work :)

  3. I kind of already assumed that Mark. :-)

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