February 23, 2012

Child Care Classes / Next Project –

This week I went to my first New Born Parenting Class with Shannie.

“Come on in and Choose your baby” the Instructor said…so of course I participated with the utmost seriousness.

I wonder how many people come to this class and perform the “Baby Carlos” from “The Hangover”? I immediately wondered. And then of course I assumed the little washcloth was for putting Chloroform on when you want the little one to go to sleep. lol…(It’s just a doll for anyone with no sense of Humor, so Relax…)

All in all it was painless. It’s crazy we’re only about 7 weeks away from having a newborn baby in the house. Brace for Impact people. :-)

Well I’m starting to wrap my head around my first real heavy VFX project. I’m going to shoot some test plate footage in the industrial district near Coronado and use it as a test bed for this 50’s Sci-Fi influenced piece I want to shoot.

My initial experiment will be using this test footage as a basic matte for creating a rocket liftoff station. There are some cool industrial buildings down there with lots of pipes and machinery so the idea is to composite taller sci-fi platforms, 50’s styled rocket ships towering in the background, and building a Hover Robot and Rolling / Tread-ed larger assault themed Robot, both with Animation and Locomotion.

If I can get this all to track properly, and match the background plate I’ll be moving on to shooting some blocked out new footage using those assets and some live actors for an action sequence….and if that works using it as a basis for the next short film.  

I picture Ivana in a Rocketeer inspired outfit with Ray-gun and Sword fending off some baddies. :-) 

I’m going to try to make it down there this weekend with a minimal unassuming 1D rig to get some footage in the area without drawing attention. lol..

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  1. The pictures of you and that doll are priceless, had to copy and paste into my scrapbook. Your big hands are bigger than the dolls face, I just giggled so hard.

    I would have never thought you would take a class like this, but I see you are darn right serious about it, (except for your cloraform thoughts LOL).

    7 weeks, yikes! but I will be thrilled to be there when the Korben comes into the world, yahhoooo

  2. You are gonna be an awesome daddy!!!

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