February 15, 2012

Happy Valentines Day – :-)

Happy V-Day!

Shannie and I spent a nice quiet evening at home having a great dinner and watching movies. I got her a neat rose arrangement with a Heart Shaped Vase and this ridiculously huge box of Chocolates…oh and the Capt Morgan just for fun. She actually does like rum but I just thought it would be funny mostly.

Judo and Blade seem pretty cozy sharing one of the kitty hamucks in their new cat tree. Too cute but I have no idea how they can sleep like that. lol…

I upgraded the Video rig with an external 12TB drive bay…so I’ll be able to do larger scale film projects now. It connects to the eSata port in the back of the XPS and its drive swappable so I can simple pull drives in and out of it if I need to. Pretty cool.

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  1. Cool beans Mr. Bacon! Let’s put that equipment to work :)

  2. I’m wrapping my head around a couple projects…I want to shoot something feature length but its going to have to be really min spec. Using mostely resources I already have.

    We have access to actors, and shooting gear, but I have to figure out a project using locations we have access to and minimal prop purchases…but something that still looks like it has a resemblance of quality.

  3. Glad you updated your blog, I love reading it and keeping up with your household.

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