February 13, 2012

The Place is Back Together –

This weekend we got the place back together again. Yeayyy!

The new furniture arrived as well as the crazy cat tree for the kitties. They love it! We got a new area rug and the place looks pretty nice now. :-)

The LR furniture pretty much fill up the entire room but there is a lot more formal places to sit now, so when we do another SbiG, it should be a little more comfortable.

I purchased the mother of all graphics card tonight. The NVidea Quadro 6000 which boasts 6gigs of video memory. I’ve been using a GTX 470 which is one of Nvidia’s gaming cards which works pretty well, but isn’t really a pro level video workstation card.

The current system works great for editing, but I was wondering why I still couldn’t do more than 7 to 10 minute scenes running a ton of video and audio tracks before the system started bogging down. Apparently the GTX cards only run hardware acceleration for the first 3 track layers, then it goes into software mode which relies entirely on the CPU at that point.

The Quadros don’t have that limitation so everything is accelerated, and the 6000 with it’s 6gigs of GPU is a monster so I should be able to edit in long format now. It will also greatly increase the speed and performance of AfterFX, Maya, FumeFX, 3DMax, etc…so looking forward to that.

I’m getting kind of anxious to shoot something so I am playing around with some new concepts. I’m kind of thinking about shooting some retro sci fi stuff. A couple CGI FX shots just to do something fun and kind of interesting in the stylings of those old 50’s sci fi film posters.

If I get it finished and it seems like there is something there, I might make it into a short film with a story, for the moment it will be just some VFX shots.





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