February 8, 2012

Pushing the Bounderies of SbiG

My mother has informed me that I am neglecting my blog, so I thought I needed to post something up. lol…

This last couple weeks we’ve been in renovation mode so I hadn’t had much time or motivation to keep up with it.

Today we picked up our new dining room table. It’s pretty cool and as mentioned before takes up a lot less space. We really like it.

I finally had the windshield fixed on the FJ today. No more huge spiral smash damage…yeayy.. The pocket book wasn’t too happy though. On FJ Cruisers, the top part of the roof that meets the windshield has to be replaced for some reason so you have to replace that with the windshield which is $ it’s self so the whole job was $600.00..grrrrr…

Ohh well, it looks nice again and I’m happy with it.

The painting is finished and the whole place looks a lot better now. With the new furniture coming at the end of the week it should be pretty swanky in here.

Cornbread came over tonight which was fun. We haven’t done SbiG in a long time so it was pretty cool to see CB and of course he had a movie in tow.

A movie that made me have to rethink the boundaries of SbiG actually. lol…

We’ve had a lot of fun watching bad films, but this one was that recent film Abduction – with that Twilight series mouth breather Taylor Lautner.

If for some reason you get the inkling…urge…or maybe you’re just channel surfing, gone through every Bourne clone film made and looking at this poster art thinking “Looks bad….but I’m bored and maybe I’ll give it a try”…do yourself a favor and avoid this thing like the fucking Plague. Consider yourself warned. It’s that bad.

I am not exactly sure what makes this film not really SbiG but more just Gawd Awful, but it is. I think what makes SbiG movies endearing is kind of intangible. I think its the idea that someone “tried” to make a good film and completely failed that makes up some of the charm in them, but we have watched some really bad ones that were never supposed to be good, or we have watched them with almost malicious intent….a la Weekend at the Cabin for instance.

I think in this case it’s just the laziness of the script, pairing up this dumb-ass lead guy that simply cant act and looks completely retarded trying to be some action hero along side of truly talented actors in the quest to cash in on the Tween crowd….or maybe it was just because watching it you are utterly challanged to sit through it cringing all the way as if they wrote this thing purposely to repel you as much as possible and you submit by turning the thing off.  

Mostly it clubs you over the head as many times as possible making you blurt out.. “Why am I watching this stupid shit”…

And stupid it is with close to the most retarded story vehicles ever put to screen. It was even worse than that other recent Ashton Kutcher atrocity “Killers”.  

The freakn film is called “Abduction” and nobody is “Abducted” in the film. It hints at it initially…but you learn the moron was just pawned off to foster care CIA agents to be taken care of…so where does “Abduction” come into play??

It was great to see the bread machine…and I guess on some morbid curiosity level, it was interesting to see how deep the rabbit hole went in terms of how horrible a film it was…but for your own safety, stay clear of this one. :-)

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  1. All I have to say is “AbSUCKtion”!
    But, it was great to hang out with the Bread Machine! :)

  2. Sounds like awesomeness. Miss you guys.

  3. Hey Mike, any chance we can have a Ford Fairlane night? I know it’s not So Bad its Good, but it is So badass its great, so the acronym doesn’t have to change.

  4. Funny you mentioned it, there was this really bad scene with a “Bomb in a Microwave” last night. I was telling CB no one did a bomb in a microwave better than FF.


    Great Flick…

  5. Wayne Newton was on fire in that movie too…

    “Well I must say you’re an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea”

    I’ve said that to a few people, they looked at me like I was from Mars.

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