January 18, 2012

GREG HoWe & Alex Feather Akimov Music Video

This is pretty cool.

I am not entirely sure who’s video this is…but Greg Howe is blistering tasty solos all over the top of it. lol..

Kind of a cool little indie video edited at a schizophrenic pace but it has some cool shots and story in there if you want to brave watching it long enough. lol.

I need to roll that new ProTools Native card into the new Dell system and get it up and running, so I’ll be reconfiguring the studio, breaking the video machine away from the old machine and putting in a wrap around desk configuration that’s a little more comfortable.

I want to play around with some music for a change of pace, so I may be recording some new guitar music soon. Something groovy and fun to get the chops back to “11” status. lol..


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