January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

2012 is here! A new year….and a new time of ups, downs, changes, and opportunities.  

It’s kind of crazy really. We haven’t even stepped into the first day of the new year and so many things are already set in motion. Three months away to the arrival of our baby boy Korben and right in the middle of closing on a new home for us in Escondido.

Obviously both are going to change the way we opperate but the addition of Korben will be the biggest impact of all. I dont think it will be in the way the Baby Industrial Complex would like to hear but it will be a large change none the less.

Though I completely loath and roll my eyes when people offer up their cliche-ridden input as to how we’re going to roll over like a two dollar whore and end all life as we know it due to the arrival of a child, I am pretty excited about it none-the-less. Looking forward to meeting the little guy. :-)

Every year I set out goals. Some of them make it…some of them dont. This coming year will be no different I am sure.

Right out of the gate is going to be a doosey. We close Escrow on the 22nd so in three weeks it will be getting the keys and making the move to the new home. Jan. and Feb. are pretty much going to be getting things set up in the new place, getting a renter for the condo, painting, and clean-up. It’s going to be a complete mess. lol…

Right when we move in I will be tearing out all the kitchen appliences and cabnets out of the guest house and building in everything for the studio. It’s going to be a job but I am so excited about the new setup.

I’m going to have a lit wall for all the guitars and amps in the back of the space and the front area is going to be a wrap around desk setup with front facing wall mounted video monitor and sound panels. Track lighting and recessed back sound monitors. It’s going to be a pretty cool arrangement and of course nice to have it separated as a stand alone facility for working late at night, bringing in friends and clients, etc.

By time we get the condo and house situated, we’ll have about a month before the arrival of our boy…so things should be pretty busy in Q1 of the new year…wow.

As far as projects go, they are already stacking up.

Once we get the new AV studio together, I have a small video project we’re going to do for Deb’s farm business. A small Spur Valley Ranch commercial Ad they can use to promote their business.

We have Hostile Foreclosure which I would like to “finally” get shot in 2012.

Continuing on Programming and getting Retro Assault completed by the end of the year. Crossing fingers on that

The “big” side project I have on the horizon is something a little different, but I might be putting it into production in the short term depending on if I can get some resources together for it. It’s a little early to let the cat out of the bag so I wont mention what I’m doing yet, but it’s a little more outrageous than anything we’ve done in the past…and would also be a revenue source for us. More info on this to come shortly.

We have the next EQ2 Expansion that will be gearing up in a couple weeks, and my biggest goal there is to get Z-Brush into the regular art pipeline and pushing some bounderies from what I’ve previously done. This coming week I’ll be doing a lot of integration with it seeing what I can get into the game engine and establishing a work flow for the new tool set.

So a lot of stuff happening. I think in terms of video / film projects I’ll be looking into ways to create revenue streams with it this year. With a new house, new baby on the way, projects I want to get off the ground, and of course the never ending conduit of gear updates and new acquisitions, it’s always good to have some extra green laying around. lol..

It’s been a great ride with ya all. Here’s to another fabulous year everybody!! We’re going to be heading over to a small shindig at Corn-Palace tonight. Stay safe everyone…and see ya all in 2012!!


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