December 28, 2011

Xmas Vacation – Playing with Z-Brush

Well we got through Xmas and Shannie and I are both off work on vacation all week which is nice.

The house is in Escrow so now we’re doing all the stuff related to that. Yesterday we had the Inspection which took way longer than we thought it would take but this guy or should I say couple were extremely thorough.

They took a ton of pictures and went through the place with a fine tooth comb. They found a lot of little issues but nothing catastrophic which was good to hear. We got to hang around the house for hours looking around at everything, taking measurements and discovering little things we didn’t see the first the time.

We went over to Mark’s place for dinner which was a good time and got to talk shop. We havent done SbiG in weeks and I missed the guy. It was fun catching up and the story he had for one of his latest commercial gigs at a mortuary was hilarious.

Tonight was had a pile of paper work to go through for the house and we got everything signed, scanned and back off to the powers that be. Things are moving along through Escrow now and if everything goes right we’re looking at closing around the 20th of Jan. Crossing fingers.

At work I started working with the latest version of Z-brush getting used to it’s work-flow for creating game ready assets. Z-brush lets you sculpt in 3D like clay. It’s a pretty alien work-flow compared to building 3D objects in Max or Maya but it lets you do really complex modeling in a fraction of the time.

I’m looking foward to integrating Z-Brush as a much larger part of my environment modeling on EQ2 and other projects.


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