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  1. And a very Merry Merry to the three of you. I woke up this Christmas morning with my new picture thing sitting on my fireplace with picture so my grandson just popping up. It is freaking fabulous, you can really see him. And the this picture of you and Shannie is my very favorite.

    Last night I also added a couple of Christmas pictures from your condo and the house in Escondido and I am just sitting here looking at them and bringing the special memories of being with you in the past couple of Chrstmas’s.

    Love you so much and miss you tons.

  2. When I think Christmas I think of this video.

    MB, back in the day were you as metal as the River Bottom Nightmare Band?

  3. congrats! so happy for the new home!! i bought a house almost 10 yrs ago, and man it can be stressful. the house looks beautiful. can’t wait for the “opening”.

    happy holidays to you and shannie and the little bacon bit.

    xoxo ivana

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