December 23, 2011

Pro Tools 9 / HD Native

The Night before the Night Before Xmas… :-)

Hope everyone is having a relatively mellow Xmas approach to the holiday and been able to navigate the streets with all these crazy holiday shoppers on the roads.

My Pro Tools Core Card croaked again and Avid had this Hardware Exchange program where I could turn in my old TDM Core and Accel card and get the modern HD Native Card / PT9 for a pretty low price so I went ahead and put the order in on it today. The window for the Exchange program closes at the end of next week and I saved thousands on the exchange so It needed to be done.

What’s particularly cool is the new HD Native card works with all of my current ProTools Hardware and takes up a single PCI-E card slot so now I can merge the Audio and Video machines into a single rig instead of having separate machines for each. I get to retire the Dell Precision machine since this runs on my latest XPS and I get to leap into ProTools 9 now with it.

Looking forward to getting this all hooked up in the new Studio setup once we get moved in. It’s going to be pretty cool.

We’re going out for the house inspection Monday morning so I get to take exact measurements of the studio space and start planning out the configuration of how all the studio gear will be arranged. I want to build up a really nice editing / post production facility there so I’m pretty excited about it.

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  1. This is going to be very cool. Congrats on the new aquisition.

  2. This wonderful for you. To have your own studio to work in wow. I can hardly wait to come down there and see it. Im just soooooo proud of you and Shannie girl will also have a special place for her sewing stuff. And the creativity will proceed at lightening speed as soon as you get your new piece of equipment and get moved.

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