December 18, 2011

Moving on to House #2

 Well house # 1 didn’t work out so now we are on to putting in an offer for House #2.

The Firestone house would have been really cool, we put the offer in and on the verge of getting accepted when I get a phone call in the morning from our agent asking if I could call my Loan broker to have them “wave” an 8 month old Termite report for our loan process.

I was like “huh”? Why would I want to do that?

I get this 8 month old termite report that basically is a 4k bill that we would have to take care of because this is a short sale and the seller or bank wont fix it. So basically there have been Termites, Wood Boring Beatles and wood destroying fungus growing for the last 8 months that nobody has addressed, and they want me to wave this report and let the loan go through.

So I retracted the bid and now we are on to house #2.

This one isn’t quite the same size, but it’s pretty cool…and one thing that really stands out is it has a small detached guest house that I would have for my Studio!!! It even has it’s own Bathroom & Shower and I can work all hours of the night and don’t have to be in the main house making noise. It’s pretty slick.

It also has a ton of parking, a completely cemented side lot for an RV / Boat, whatever with RV hook ups, Pool, Jacuzzi, Great views, an elevated outside loft off the side with a BBQ etc, etc…so we’ll see how this one goes down.

Shannie and I were going to look at this tomorrow but decided to drive up and take a look at the outside. As we drove up the owner having a garage sale and basically gave us the whole tour of the house which was awesome. We got to learn a lot more about the property talking with the owner than what you normally do and it looks like he has taken really good care of the place.


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  1. Home 2 looks awesome. Good luck!

  2. Man Cave sounds nice!

  3. Norm was such a nice guy. I feel bad that he’s going to have to move. :(

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