December 15, 2011

House Hunting –

Well it’s that time now and Shannie and I have begun the house hunting process.

We put a bid down on this place in North County not far west on El Norte in the Escondido Country Club Lane area.

This one is particularily interesting becuase we saw this place two years ago when we were looking around a little back then and really wanted it at the time. The price dropped into our range so we took a look at it today.

It’s close to 2700 sq ft. and has some really cool features including a Spa/pool and a raised Koi pond with viewable glass from the side. It has two large master bedrooms with the 2nd one big enough to house a pretty nice studio setup.

It also has this neat loft area that will be perfect for Shannie’s sewing room.

We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out. We have a couple other homes we’re looking at as well tomorrow…one out in Rancho San Diego that would be a lot closer to Shannie’s mom that looks really promising.  




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  1. Wow, very nice…what a beautiful layout…looks like there are some good choices out there…

  2. Very nice! Looks like enough room to get a couple more cats and expand SbiG to seat 40.

  3. lol, yeah it would be a lot more comfortable for SbiGs…not to mention is has an actual drinks bar near the pool exit. :-)

  4. And I’m pretty sure you don’t have to open the refrigerator door to get into the oven! LOL!

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