December 8, 2011

Ohh Smack!……WTF??

This is a trailer for John Carter. I think Cornbread and Tim will remember the uber-shitty version of it called “Princess of Mars” we screened at SbiG a couple months back. The one with the dude that jumps 100ft in the air and has Traci Lords in it.

I guess this is the big budget, slightly less retarded version of it. Crazy…lol.

Another WTF moment. I picked up this DVD called “RUBBER” the other night. The movie is about a car Tire with Phychokinetic powers. lol.

It was amusing, kind of fun, kind of stupid, and kind of entertaining all at the same time. It wasnt really wierd abstract in a brilliant kind of way, but it was a little different. It was kind of one of those artsy student films that are always simple short films, but for some reason they decided to make it into a feature length film instead.

Two things of particular mention though, looked good, and was shot entirely on the Canon 5D. And the location is this place I found up north from LA that is this cool little town set made up of an old motel, dinner, gas station, store with an dirty 70s desert town kind of vibe. 

I was looking at it as an alternative to the ranch for Hostile Foreclosure. The motel and some of the other locations were used in Devil’s Rejects.

I guess they shot the whole thing in 14 days there. If you’re into low budget films that are high quality, it’s a good one to take a look at. The visual effects were really good.  


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  1. Just out of curiosity I looked up a bit about the John Carter film and apparently it is the most expensive movie that Disney has ever made….wow…

    Interesting info about Rubber will need to check that out…sounds like an awesome film location too.

  2. I watched Rubber earlier this year. It was a little weird but I liked it. A lot of interesting shots and how did they do that moments.

  3. I happened to catch Rubber on one of the pay channels this evening and it truly is pretty bat shit! Had some pretty good parts to it though…some pretty off the wall visuals to it…that is a very cool location I can see why film makers like to shoot there…but wow, what a crazy ass film!

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