December 7, 2011

EQ2: Age of Discovery Launched / over 10,000 players in the Freeport Revamp!

Our latest expansion launched and I just had our producer yell over my wall all giddy that we have 10k players currently playing in my Freeport Revamp. Looks like another successful launch. yeayy! lol..

I am completely off FP now and working on my own prototype I titled DFW Island. :-) or in this case (Dead Fucking Whore) island. lol…

I don’t currently have an assignment so I thought making a zombie island was something EQ2 needed so I’m working on a prototype for it at the moment until I finish it or get pulled off onto something else. They want to revamp Quenos next and I’ll probably be spear-heading that as well, but they are not sure when that will begin.

It’s good to have a new title out the door. :-)



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  1. Congtats on such a great success phenomenal

  2. thank ya Tim. Did you see the New John Carter trailer yet? lol.. I didnt realize it was an actual saught after film property. :-)

  3. hahahahhahaha no way…who knew right? :)

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