November 30, 2011

Its that time of the year again…

Wow, another year almost gone…and it’s Xmas time again.

Our house is starting to look pretty festive. Shannie put up the tree and strung all the lights while I was on Kitten Water Bottle duty. lol.. Needless to say both the kittens got soaked…but they were happy running-a-mok causing lots of mayhem.

Shannie got a good picture of Racer-X doing his best Godzilla immatation, destroying the village scene on the dinning room table.

Those boys are the cutest things but when they are wild…they get really WILD! lol..

Blade loves Shannie and R-X is my buddy. When they finally wear each other out, they climb up on us and pass out. :-)

Things are moving along on a few fronts.

We are about 3 weeks away from being ready to start putting offers in on houses so that’s pretty exciting for us. We’ve been keeping a pulse on what’s going on out there and have found quite a few possibilities. 

 Working away on the coding front and got the text book in the mail for the C++ class I’m starting at Mesa in Jan. A very big book. lol..but it should be fun.

Ill be bouncing back and forth between the book and Torque scripting for a while.

I’ve been loosely playing around with a new min-spec film project that I think could possibly be something pretty fresh…or at least I have not seen something done exactly like it. It’s designed to be raw on a shoe string budget but it could be a something that just doesn’t work in the format. I think I might be shooting a proof of concept short for it just to see if it’s something that will work as a film.  

Should be interesting regardless. lol..


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  1. The cats are great. That one shot made me think of a new film “The Cat With Two Heads”. Hope the house hunting goes well!

  2. lol, actually funny you mentioned that. They both look almost identical, so a couple nights ago they were laying on top of each other and she mentioned they looked like the “Cat with Two Heads”. :-)

    Yeah, I’m really hoping to be out of the condo here soon so we have a larger space to get some more couches and Tim wont have to sit on office chairs at SbiG night anymore. lol..

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