November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! –

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

That time of the year again. I hope you all are doing something fun and having lots of good eats this year. :-)

Shannie and I are spending it doing our normal Turkey Day tradition…having mama Sheila over and subjecting her to a lot of movies she would never watch. lol…She had to endure Step Brothers, both Borat and Bruno, Jackass 1 and 2. lol.. She actually liked Step Brothers so much she purchased it on DVD to have at her house. Awesome!

It will be a nice low-key evening but we do have a full house of active kitties running around so it should be kind of lively.

Today at work was Art Lock for the Freeport City assets…finally! So now it’s just stomping on whatever stray bugs comes up between now and launch.

Still working away on code stuff and playing around with altering the VB game code. I’ve been clearing out things I don’t need for the RA base and stripping some of it down. Everyday I get a little better with it so things have been going good there.

I enrolled at Mesa College so I can take some C++ courses there starting in Jan. so I’m learning as much as I can before then so I can hit the ground running with it. Something new, and something challenging.  




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  1. HAPPY Thanksgiving Michael, Shannie and Korben! Hope you guys have a great day :)

  2. Happy thanksgiving from juanda and me!

  3. I showed the games you have worked on to Bobby’s brother Brent and he thinks you are the coolest dude in America now (and maybe some parts of Europe) :)

  4. lol, awesome. :-)

    Thanks Mark! I think I’m still cool in Ethiopia too, but I havent checked in a while. :-)

    How was everyone’s Holiday? I saw a flurry of Xbox360 activity on Joker’s FB page. Anyone do anything particularly cool?

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