November 21, 2011

Fun low key Weekend –

I came across this thing and had to have it. :-)

Yes, a real arcade machine control set that can plug into PC, Consoles, etc. As I have been coming up to speed on programming I’m going to be doing some classic arcade style designs so I thought this would be a fun setup to test with as well as just having some arcade fun on the consoles.

After we move I want to get a few of those old classic stand up machines for the place.

This weekend was pretty low-key. I worked on programming this fish game tutorial demo which I’m almost done with and Shannie worked on some Xmas stuff.

The coding stuff is going well working with Datablocks, player input, collision detection, getting fish to move back and forth in world space colliding with the end extent of the level, flipping their graphics in the opposite direction while randomly moving their position before entering the screen again and traveling back with a different random velocity in the other direction.

I also have the player fish collecting food, shrinking and growing depending on how much food is in it’s system and coming to it’s death if it’s food runs out. lol..

It’s a series of tutorials on torque but I’m understanding the code and how it’s used being able to alter it and rewrite it so things are making sense.

I have this and a couple other game tutorials before moving into the behavior tutorials but I feel pretty good once I get through them all I’ll be able to start writing my own arcade level projects.

There was this old arcade classic when I was in my early teens called “Scramble” that I loved playing. Me and the Ol’ man used to waste tons of quarters and time on that thing. It was a simple game, but fun. I think I know just enough now to probably take a crack at making a similar game so I think after I get through all the tutorial content I’ll be putting together a remake of it with cool updated graphics. :-)

Tonight Shannie and I went to the Oceanside Harbor for dinner. The rain was awesome, and we walked around in it checking out the boats on the slip and finally over to the beach. Good times…

Looking forward to a short work week and nice long weekend!



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  1. Man that joystick is so retro…awesome…great that you’re relaxing and spending quality time…you deserve it

  2. Thanks! I plugged it in last night and it was awesome! We’re going to have to set up a game night one of these evenings and play some classics. :-)

  3. Thanks Joker,

    Hope you have a most excellent turkey day and good luck on your new acting role!

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