November 19, 2011

SbiG year one is complete!

 It’s been a fun ride and Thursday marked the milestone of SbiG – Year one :-)

A little tradition we started in honor of our beloved family / friend, and master of the “pun” Cornbread. Take a bow CB. You have made these little shindigs an exceptionally fun time for everyone that has been a part of them over the last year. 

For this year’s anniversary Shannie made this awesome cake designed to look like a film reel and had an edible print of some of the film covers we watched this year.

Barracuda, The one armed Executioner, Cleopatra Wong, Hard ticket to Hawaii, The Thing with Two Heads, Hobo with a Shotgun, Gymkata, The Glove just to name a few of the little gems she had on the cake. It was pretty slick.

I thought Piranha 3d would be a good closeout to the year and it didn’t disappoint. There was enough awkward T&A moments that would make even Andy Sidaris Blush. ( ok, that’s probably a little over exaggeration. ) lol..

It was another great time with ya all and I want to say a special thanks to my Shannie baby who does an amazing job with all the food and supporting the event like she does….and of course just for putting up with us and enduring these not-so-epic gems of Cinema History.

You’re the best baby! :-)


SbiG Night
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  1. BRAVO for the great times with great friends and to Shannie for putting up with us.

  2. Me and Juanda have had a lot of fun times at SbiG and look forward to many more. Thank you for both you and Shannie’s hospitality.

  3. Thank you guys for coming out to them. It’s been a blast. :-)

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