November 18, 2011

Introducing – Korben Bacon

Introducing – Korben Bacon

Yes, it’s a boy! We went in for Shannie’s big mid term Ultrasound and it’s confirmed… I can officially stop calling him Bibbol now. lol…

And of course he gave the scan tech all kind of grief, not sitting still for a second. As she was taking images with the scanner I thought the profile image was pretty crazy. The first thing I thought but didn’t say when she froze on it was “Wow…that looks like my profile”. When we came back from dinner and were looking at the images taken Shannie looked at that profile pic and said the same thing. lol…

Kind of nuts…

All his scans came out great. Everything in working order.

I needed to go to Ikea to find a screen to keep the kittens from running amok in my studio and couldn’t help myself. These are the first toys purchased for my baby boy! Dragons and Sharks…lol.

Actually the three tiny dragons I purchased for the cats. They love em’. Judo has probably 50 of these little Ikea toys and she plays with them everyday…and the kittens love them too. It’s been quite lively around here lately.

Shannie purchased this cool Robot and Spaceship graphic fabric to make Korben his first Xmas Stocking….and yes, it completely matches his ol’ man’s. :-) Outstanding!

*** I make video games for a living…what did you expect? :-)

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  1. Congrats to two great people and thank you to God that Korben looks like Michael and not CB (the first sonogram) :)

  2. wow! am i outta tha loop! that’s what i get for having a shitty computer. congrats!! i did a 1-minute black friday shopping and boy did it pay off. i got on my iPhone and looked in the apple app. after a few clicks i saved $100 and got the new macbook air on my doorstep today. so, no more outta the loop crap and wow! what i’ve been missing! boy, (pun intended) you guys are gonna be so busy w the house and new comer.

    congratulations again and give shannie my love

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