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  1. Wow those look phenomenal, are these made out of metal?

  2. A lot of it is made of metal. The handle on the weapon and those long thin side spikes or metal. The main bulk of the head are various layers of Polyurethane foam.

    The top hook is actually a mid-hard-spongy material like the Wrench we used in PREY…maybe even a little softer, where as the middle spike layers are a harder foam that has the consistency of hard plastic.

    It’s actually pretty heavy.

    The helmet is almost entirely metal. The only thing that isn’t is the right eye piece on the inside of the helmet that’s rubber so it won’t dig into your eye while wearing it. I thought it was metal until I touched it. lol..

    It photographs really well. Outside it taking him a months to finally finish it, he did a pretty solid job on it. I was actually surprised he got as close as he did to the concept art. The weapon is dead-on.

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