November 11, 2011

Everybody out of the Pool –

It pains me to say it but production on HOSTILE FORECLOSURE is on hold until after the new year. Sorry people.

I’ve been trying to figure out the variables to slip this one in before the end of the year but it’s just not going to happen.

The reason is basically schedule conflicts and budget.

We have a couple deal-breakers I can’t resolve in the schedule and I’m pretty much stale-mated on the budget with the new home purchase coming up in a couple months.

I launched that Indie-GoGo campaign which I can already tell isn’t going to do anything…so that was basically the budget I needed to get this shot with my Finances tied up at the moment.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. As soon as we get the house thing out of the way, we’ll get back into productions.

In the meantime I have a couple things I’ll be working on.

I want to flesh out a ultra low scope feature we can shoot with available assets. I guess I got a little inspired with Will Ferrell’s new film “Everything must go”. It was a pretty fun engaging film, but it basically takes place almost entirely in his front yard. lol..genius!

I think it’s safe to say I can shoot shorts, and everything I heard on PREY was basically it was good, but it was wayyyy to short.

I really want to try my hand at a long format…even if the scope of the picture is low-key on a shoe string budget. We have a lot of assets from previous films, gear, talent…so I’m going to rack my brain to come up with something that’s small in scope that can be shot realistically over the course of a couple months, and I’m sure there will be a “Bazooka” in it somewhere. lol…

We’ll get back to HF as soon as we get the home thing under wraps.

Thank you..



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  1. I have a comment, home is most important for it is also a dream and a promise but lasts longer than a 15 minute short. It’s a foundation for a new chapter AND u kids are still newly weds. It’s time. Congrats and congrats. Real life is more important than the stuff we put on a DVD fictitiously. I cried when I first got mine. A home owner! Just think, no more rules, can paint the walls, leave Xmas lights up yr round if ya want. Imagine halloween nxt yr. So in irony, a new mortgage first til a Hostile Foreclosure. Cheers.

  2. Ivana could not have said it better. Besides before you know it you will have six family members under one roof and that’s not counting CB.

  3. We had a great time last night…and those kittens are so cute!

    I don’t know who said this but basically the quote went something like “it takes an army to make a film”, but you know the right people with the right skills and when the timing is right you’ll make it happen… but you also need time to get settled in as well as you start your family and there is no bigger goal than that in life.

  4. Thank you guys for your support and understanding. Ivana, you rock! I feel the worst that you keep getting yanked every time I cast you as a lead in something! I promise I will make it up to you at some point. :-)

    All you guys rock. It was great seeing you cats at SbiG last night…even if it was getting together to watch a Mutant Salmon Creature raping women at the beach. Lol..

    It’s been a fun ride working with ya all in the past and look forward to it again soon. Until then we still have a lot of bad movies to watch together and looking forward to an awesome house warming party with you all on the Horizon. :-)

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